how1 [hou]
[ME hwu, hu < OE, akin to OHG hweo (Ger wie), Goth hwai-wa < IE interrogative base * kwo-, *kwe- > WHY, WHO, L quo, Sans kā]
1. in what manner or way; by what means
2. in what state or condition
3. for what reason or purpose; why [how is it that you don't know?]
4. by what name
5. with what meaning; to what effect
6. to what extent, degree, amount, etc.
7. at what price
8. Informal what: usually a request to repeat something said: How is also used in exclamations and as an intensifier
1. the manner or way in which [show us how you did it]
2. the state or condition in which [ask him how he's been]
3. the extent, degree, amount, etc. to which [do you know how I despise you?]
4. in whatever manner or way [judge him how you will]
5. Informal that [he told us how he was happy about it]
the way of doing; manner; method
☆ and how!
Informal I agree! certainly!how about something ( or someone)?
how about something?
Informal what is your wish, opinion, or information concerning something (or someone)?
how about that!
Informal isn't that interesting!
how come?
Informal how does it come that? how is it that? why?
how now?
how is that? what is the meaning of this?
how so?
how is it so? why?
how then?
1. what is the meaning of this?
2. how else?
☆ how2 [hou ]
hello: a greeting attributed to, and still used, with humorous intent, in imitation of, American Indians

English World dictionary. . 2014.


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